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oyal Boon Edam International is a Dutch privately owned business, in existence for over 140 years, with annual revenues of €150m, employing over 1.000 staff, operating as a worldwide organisation in manufacturing, supplying, installing, and servicing revolving doors and security barriers. The company has production facilities in each of the three main geographic regions of EMEA, America and Asia Pacific supported by our sales subsidiary companies together with a global network of distributors.

The position

Royal Boon Edam International is an exciting, challenging and innovative place to work. We are part way through the process of implementing our latest corporate strategy, investing in all aspects of the Group and we are creating the new role of Group IT Manager. This role will embrace our existing IT expertise within a new centralized IT department, supporting our global businesses and the roll out of an agreed global IT roadmap with a multi-million budget. We are looking for a senior manager with strong leadership skills, previous experience as head of department, with high profile IT background and experience with implementation of global IT System Infrastructure that can underpin our business decisions and drive out efficiencies in our operations. As Head of Department and as a Senior Manager, this is a unique role for an individual to have the opportunity to utilize their qualification, experience and passion to make a real change in the way we work. You will be responsible for providing strategic leadership in establishing the goals, strategies, plans, and policies and for the execution of approved plans to deliver and maintain our global IT roadmap. This position reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer, a member of the main Board of Directors.

The requirements

We are looking for an individual with proven management and seniority with experience from: Technology based education with a proven and recognised qualification / at least 5 years’ experience as a senior manager in an IT operation / knowledge, understanding and experience in manufacturing and sales environment / considerable knowledge of business theory, business processes, management, budgeting, and business operations / experience with systems design, development and implementation / preference of working within a global organization / experience of working across multiple technical platforms and project management / substantial exposure to data processing, hardware platforms, and enterprise software applications; especially Microsoft products and Microsoft Dynamics / ability to critically assess one’s own as well as the team’s performance, measure against established objectives, and take appropriate actions / in-depth knowledge of applicable laws and regulations as they relate to IT / adheres to high ethics and commits to complying fully with company Code of Conduct / willingness to travel, as required, to worldwide destinations / excellent language skills (Dutch, English).

Your reply

If you need more information, please contact Graham Mabb, Chief Financial Officer, 0299 – 38 08 88. If you would like to apply, please contact Isabelle Schoorl, HR Department, 0299 – 38 08 30. Please send your application to the following e-mail address:


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